Nov 162015

Dogs are excellent friends, so their owners really like taking them to long or short car trips. Some don’t even like going to the general store without the company of their four legged friends. In case you are one of those people who drive their pets with them, you have to protect your four-legged friend from the risky possibilities of potential car crashes or sharp turns. The recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association say that you need to secure your furry friend with dog harness for car, which attaches to safety belt on the back car seat. There are minor differences between dog car harnesses, but all of them have similar basic design with two openings for your dog’s front legs, a fastening or a fabric panel that lays on the dog’s chest; and in the back there is a buckle that clips around your dog’s shoulder muscles. This may sound inflexible, but the dog harness actually provides the dog with enough freedom to roll over, move around and lie down, while sufficiently restraining him in the case of crashes or quick stops. Continue reading »

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